PREA Resource Center


PREA Resource Center

Established through a cooperative agreement between the Bureau of Justice Assistance and NCCD, the National PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Resource Center (PRC) serves as the national source for online and direct support, training, technical assistance, and research to assist adult and juvenile corrections, detention, and law enforcement professionals in their ongoing work to eliminate sexual assault in confinement.

Focusing on areas such as prevention strategies, improved reporting and detection, investigation, prosecution, and victim-centered responses, the PRC identifies promising programs and practices that have been implemented around the country and demonstrates models for keeping inmates, detainees, and residents safe from sexual assault. It offers a full library, webinars, and other online resources on its website; and provides direct assistance in the field through skilled and experienced training and technical assistance providers. Information and support is available online for management, staff, and volunteer positions within all types and sizes of facilities and within communities.

The PRC is administered by NCCD in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, as well as with a wide array of public and private agencies representing adult prisons and jails, juvenile detention, community corrections, and tribal facilities, as well as lockups and victims’ groups.

For more information about the PREA Resource Center, please visit the PRC website or contact co-directors Jenni Trovillion or Michela Bowman.

*Pictured above: Participant posters for the PRC's Inmate Education regional training in Columbia, SC