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SDM News, October 2018


Equity matters when developing a risk assessment. Find out why in this issue of SDM News.   

NCCD News: Pretrial Reform and Media for a Just Society Awards


Developing and using pretrial risk assessment tools is a complex task, so NCCD offers its take on doing this successfully. And the finalists for the Media for a Just Society Awards are announced.

SDM News, September 2018


Supervisors are key to supporting Structured Decision Making® practice. This issue of SDM News includes a checklist of supervision strategies and activities.

NCCD News: Good News for Family in Milwaukee 53206 and Trauma-Health Link Blog Series


The family featured in the documentary Milwaukee 53206, a 2017 Media for Just Society Award winner, is reunited. We also begin our blog series on the link between trauma and health, written by Ryan Berg, a 2016 Media for a Just Society Award winner.

SDM News, August 2018


Making the difficult decision to close a case: the Structured Decision Making® system can help.

NCCD News: Data for Equity Pilot Program, Studying Girls’ Detention Data, and Blog Series Featuring Voices of Youth


The Kresge Foundation helps to fund a pilot of NCCD’s new Data for Equity model; NCCD partners with the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center in Jacksonville, Florida, to analyze Florida Department of Juvenile Justice detention data on girls; and a new blog series features the voices of youth.

Theory of Change

| National Council on Crime and Delinquency

There is no magic wand that will improve practice. This document outlines our theory on how change can come about (and how outcomes can then improve) by providing current data tools to the right people.

SDM News, July 2018


Read about the Structured Decision Making® prevention services tools, designed for assessing families whose first encounter with public services involves financial assistance.  

NCCD News: Diversity and Inclusion, Guest Judges, and Summer Reading


NCCD reports on staff trainings in June—part of its internal diversity and inclusion work; and announces the guest judges for the NCCD Distinguished Achievement Award, which is given annually in conjunction with our Media for a Just Society Awards.

SDM News, June 2018


NCCD names Phil Decter, MSW, as Director of Child Welfare.

NCCD News: New Director of Child Welfare and Staff Presents on Predictive Analytics


Phil Decter, MSW, is named director of child welfare at NCCD. Meanwhile, Chris Scharenbroch presents on predictive analytics at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research in Washington, DC.

SDM News, May 2018


Consistent (or shared) language is essential for effective implementation of the Structured Decision Making® system.