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General Corrections Review of the California Youth Authority

| Barry Krisberg

This review was completed at the request of the California Attorney General (AG) and
the Youth Authority (YA). Issues to be examined were cited in federal and state court lawsuits filed by the Prison Law Office (PLO). My charge was to answer a set of specific questions, and to make recommendations for improvements as needed. The areas covered in this report are the following: ward classification, access to lawyers and ward's rights; use of force and ward safety; restricted programs, including special management programs and temporary detention; and access to religious services.

SDM News

| Children's Research Center

Structured Decision Making News, Vermont Adopts Structured Decision Making (SDM) 

Perspectives - Fall 2003 Newsletter

| National Council on Crime and Delinquency

NCCD Newsletter, Fall 2003

Culture Counts: How Five Community-Based Organizations Serve Asian and Pacific Islander Youth

| Isami Arifuku, Monique W. Morris, Michelle Nunez, Mary Lai

This two-year effort to examine cultural competence involved an extensive literature review, a survey of organizations, and in-depth reviews of five community-based organizations: Asian American Recovery Services (Santa Clara office), East Bay Asian Youth Center of Oakland, Filipinos for Affirmative Action, Helping and Outreaching to Peers Everywhere (H.O.P.E.) (API Wellness), and United Cambodian Culture Club (UCCC) (Cambodian Community Development).

A Survey of Mental Health Care Delivery to Youth in the California Juvenile Justice System

| Christopher Hartney, Theresa McKinney, Laura Eidiltz, Jessie Craine

From April through September, 2003, NCCD contacted 51 California county probation departments and 35 mental health departments to assess how each county's probation department identifies, assesses, and provides care to youth with mental health issues. This is a preliminary report.

A Prospective Validation of California’s Family Risk Assessment

| Kristen Johnson, PhD, Dennis Wagner, PhD

In 1998, select California counties adopted an actuarial risk assessment that classified families by the likelihood of future child maltreatment following an investigation of child maltreatment allegations.  This purpose of the study was to ensure that the risk assessment classified families well according to their likelihood of subsequent maltreatment when completed by workers under field conditions, regardless of whether the sample incident was substantiated or not.

Perspectives - Summer 2003 Newsletter

| National Council on Crime and Delinquency

NCCD Newsletter, Summer 2003

Issues in Risk Assessment in Child Protective Services (Policy White Paper)

| Judith S. Rycus, Ronald C. Hughes

The Center for Child Welfare Policy of the North American Resource Center for Child Welfare undertook an extensive risk assessment initiative. This publication sets forth finding from this initiative and makes recommendations to promote and guide the development of risk assessment policy and practice.