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A new publication from the Annie E. Casey Foundation reports on the successful efforts of Mecklenburg County [North Carolina] Youth and Family Services Division (YSF) to improve child and family well-being. Those efforts included investing in SafeMeasures®, a data reporting and…
A new study found that the Team Decision Making™ (TDM) model makes a real difference in preventing children from being removed from their homes. TDM™ meetings help participating families…
Bertha Arvizo, a researcher with Evident Change, was admitted to the 2021…


November 18, 2021 | Dwight Watkins
The faces of Dwight and Daniel placed into a cartoon
“Only a Mile and a Big World Separated Us” tells the story of two kids from the east side of Baltimore. The first is me, a Black guy who grew up in a drug family in a rough neighborhood and ended up selling drugs. The other is Daniel Hersl, a white guy, who grew up a mile away from me in a white wo…
November 11, 2021 | Noel Anaya
A scene from the film, Unadopted, Noel Anaya reading from a piece of paper
I turned 21 in 2017, which was a pivotal year for me. It could go one of two ways: I could either get what felt like a forced divorce because the foster care system had outgrown me—and end up an angry adult filled with rage. Or, I could turn 21 and choose to emancipate, on my own terms, and get the…
November 3, 2021 | Text by Steenz and Aaron Miguel Cantú, Illustrated by Steenz
Illustration of a man sitting with his head down, looking sad
Reporter Aaron Miguel Cantú and illustrator Steenz teamed up to create When Innocent Until Proven Guilty Costs $400 a Month—and Your Freedom, which won the journalism category in the 2021 Media for a Just Society Awards. This is the first time a comic has received the award.      


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