Remembering Sue Gramling



Remembering Sue Gramling

Evident Change
Sue Gramling headshot

Evident Change mourns our friend and colleague Susan M. Gramling, JD, who passed away on June 1, 2022.

Sue joined Evident Change in 1998 as a senior program specialist. She retired from Evident Change in November 2021 after a long and accomplished career with the organization.

Sue is most remembered for her leadership on the Milwaukee Charter School Monitoring project. Sue, along with Janice Ereth, launched this work in 1998 to support the achievement of standards of excellence for charter schools in Milwaukee that largely served youth in historically oppressed and marginalized communities.

Prior to working at Evident Change, Sue had a varied and illustrious career focused on helping and advocating for children and families. After receiving her master’s degree in speech pathology and audiology, Sue provided speech therapy and worked with her clients to explore the impact of the systems that affected them. In this role, she developed an expertise in working effectively with social service, educational, juvenile justice, and health care systems. Sue also served as the executive director of the nonprofit then known as the Milwaukee Hearing Society.

After working for more than 25 years with central city and rural children with special needs and their families, Sue embarked on a legal career. She received her law degree in May 1996 from the University of Wisconsin, and focused her legal practice on work as a guardian ad litem, guardianships, custody issues in family law, and special education law.

We are grateful to have known Sue and for her many contributions to Evident Change. We will remember her for her dedicated commitment to young people, the love she held in her heart for her kids and her grandchildren, and her warm sense of humor.

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