Karen Meulendyke

Karen Meulendyke

Senior Program Specialist

Karen Meulendyke primarily develops and implements Structured Decision Making systems to support child welfare and adult protective service agencies. Prior to this, she researched, analyzed, and implemented children’s long-term care policy and procedures as a policy analyst for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Karen has a master’s of social work from Colorado State University, with a primary focus in research and program evaluation. She has more than 10 years of experience in training and program coordination within nonprofit and public agencies. Karen is passionate about using research and collaboration to reduce inequity and disparity in social systems, policy, and practice.

Pronouns: she, her

Recent Publications by Karen:

Kate Beier and Karen Meulendyke

Have you ever been unsure about whether to report child abuse or neglect? You want to do what’s best for the family but aren’t certain if child protective services (CPS) is the solution, or you worry about the disruption it could cause for the family. Are you seeing signs of abuse and neglect, or are they signs of everyday life? Educators, medical

Karen Meulendyke

The District of Columbia Department of Human Services has been committed to protecting older and vulnerable adults since establishing its Adult Protective Services (APS) in 1985. However, in 2017, the agency stepped up its commitment by moving to the Structured Decision Making® (SDM) system of research-based assessment tools. A few years ago, DC