Dr. Charlene Y. Taylor

Dr. Charlene Y. Taylor

Senior Researcher

Dr. Charlene Y. Taylor joined Evident Change in 2018. Previously, she worked as a senior trainer and research analyst at the Crime and Justice Institute, where she provided training, technical assistance, and implementation support to juvenile and adult corrections agencies across the United States. Prior to this work, Charlene taught courses in corrections, drugs and crime, gangs, research methods and statistics, and juvenile justice at Boise State University; California State University, Bakersfield; and Portland State University.

As a consultant for the past 15 years, she has provided technical assistance to corrections departments in states around the country regarding effective correctional interventions, risk and needs assessment, core correctional practices, case management, cognitive behavioral interventions, group facilitation, and motivational interviewing.

Charlene earned her BA in criminal justice from Washington State University and both an MS and PhD in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati. Her dissertation analyzed gender-specific predictors of delinquency.

Recent publications by Charlene Taylor:

Charlene Taylor, PhD

This blog was inspired by events that took place at a restaurant in the Hyde Park area of Boise, Idaho, on June 8, 2020. Today was not the first time I’ve been called a “nigger.” But it felt the same. Today, like that day, I was on a sidewalk, minding my own business, surrounded by white people, as a racist sped down the street in his car and

Charlene Y. Taylor, PhD

As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the nation, the context of justice practices—like everything else—has changed dramatically. Court proceedings are being postponed or conducted remotely, jails and prisons are making decisions about releasing residents, and community supervision populations are growing. Because most state governments have responded